The Barbershop Quartet Preservation Association is happy to announce the selection of the second song to be endorsed as one that every barbershopper should know!

Somewhat tired of hearing the same 'Barberpole Cat's being performed in the festival scramble competition, The BQPA decided to select some good old 'gems' that
  • are in the public domain
  • are easy to sing
  • stick to the fundamentals of the Barbershop Style

The first such song to be selected was:
Meet Me at Twilight

The Second song to be selected is

When the Maple Leaves Were Falling

Penned by Tell Taylor in 1913 it meets all of the criteria. It is also a joy to sing.

Click to download the spots

Use the Hometown Harmonizer to learn your part! Turn off the parts you aren't learning, open the spots and sing along with just your part.

Have fun with this totally FREE Barbershop goodness!